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Our homemade cakes is what gets us out of bed in the morning and keep us up late at night.

Made daily in the Tearooms using fresh local British free range eggs and flour as our main ingredients, we aim to make the best homemade cakes. What makes our cakes that bit different? We use traditional family recipes of Hannah’s that have been used for hundreds of years and passed down the generations. From our award winning Tea Loaf to our Classic Chocolate Cake- it’s what makes Farm Made, well, Farm Made!


Chocolate Cake 

The perfect traditional treat that's not too chocolatey.


Carrot & Walnut 

A recipe that has been fine tuned for the perfect treat


Tea Loaf 

Liz's Award Winning Tea Loaf passed down from an old family friend years ago.



Fresh homemade scones are served everyday.


Victoria Sponge

The family classic that is also Phil the Farmers favourite treat.


Lemon Drizzle 

A family classic that is a popular favourite in the Tearooms

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